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Including Digital Assets in Estate Planning

In today’s world, a great deal of business is done online. Most Washington companies are no exception to this fact and offer ways for a customer to go paperless. Many people receive electronic statements in lieu of receipts, have auto payments taken out of their bank accounts, and pay their bills online. This convenience can,… Read More

Estate Planning for a Special Needs Child

While parents are often caught up in the idea that they should treat all of their children equally, this is not always possible when one has a special needs child. In fact, as the name suggests, these children have special needs and often will from the time that they are born until the day that… Read More

Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Planning ahead is vital to making sure that a person’s loved ones are taken care of after he or she has passed away. Unfortunately, even when a person is careful, he or she can make state planning mistakes that cost his or her loved ones a lot of cash. It is important not to avoid… Read More